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Diverse and Casual People and Togetherness Concept

Bedessee Animal Rescue Sanctuary – is looking to identify, establish, and develop the need for shelters in the Guyanese communities and to present a plan for successful modern animal shelters in the future. The mission of B.A.R.S. is to provide animals who are abandoned, disabled and, uncared for, with medical care, healthy and safe housing facilitates and compassion while engaging the heart, hands, and minds of our community.

Bedessee Animal Rescue Sanctuary. is a NO KILL shelter with a modern initiative to give our organization outstanding results in the industry. We aim to provide state of the art facilities to about 500 animals with care from veterinarians, caregivers, and groomers. Additionally, we want to ensure that all animals that are abandoned, abused and castaways of society are protected by providing care; to ensure that all animals upon admittance to our facilities go through a thorough examination to determine if they carry any disease or abnormalities so they can be treated and rehabilitated correctly. These shelters will provide, all animals with a place with their kind and will be monitored to ensure their safety from the time of admittance.

Our shelters will be modeled to house each type of animal with the ability to manage population and strategies to allow positive outcomes and care. Animals upon admittance will be spayed and neutered to ensure they are healthy and ensure the health and safety of other animals in the shelter from diseases to prevent future unwanted pets. Animals should be in an environment where they feel safe and loved, we want to ensure that they are given that all through their lives. Our vision is to show members of society that every animal regardless of their needs are given love care and respect just like every other living being. B.A.R.S. wants to humanely end the suffering of animals if it is irrecoverably ill, injured, or incapacitated. We want to educate the community regarding the humane care and handling of companion animals. To implement innovative and successful business models for shelters to foster rescue partnerships.

After animals are rehabilitated we will be providing animal adoptions Services this will be offered to the public for individuals who would like to make one of our pets apart of their family. This will be offered to the public free of cost, however, donations are welcome to help with the financing of operations since we will be operating as a nonprofit. In the future, we expect to maintain or increase the number of successful adoptions via existing programs, modernize in working with rescue partners, animal welfare agencies to implement new and effective programs to increase adoptions.

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