Who We Are

BDC Foundation Guyana

The beginning stage of the development plans are also the critical stages of the transformation of the country, people’s understanding and awareness of new concepts need to be further deepened, and it requires more innovation. With well understanding of the condition of the country, a broad network, and experienced business background, Verman Bedessee Foundation aims to invest in three major nonprofit projects that will make major changes in the Guyanese communities as well as its animal environments. The following are a brief description of the development projects which we will be focusing our attention in the coming year, these are:

B.A.R.S – Bedessee Animal Rescue Sanctuary – This organization will focus on providing animals who are abandoned, uncared for, abused, and disabled, are provided with a safe clean, and healthy environment while ensuring that animals are given food, shelter medical care, comfort, and Compassion.

ECB Women Foundation РThis organization will be established to provide a safe compassionate, nonjudgmental environment without the fear of violence and in a manner that will foster self-respect and independence to women experiencing intimate partner violence, homeless, suffering from drug abuse, and other issues affecting woman in Guyana. We will aim to lead the fight to end violence against women in all forms through advocacy and the community’s education.

LMB Children Orphanage – This organization will be focused on child care it will be providing a safe modern and healthy environment for children who are from an underprivileged background, homeless suffering from any forms of abuse and abandonment by their family. We will be providing health care, education, youth empowerment among other programs to help these kids to become productive members of society.