Non profit with Action!

BDC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that will be based in Guyana, South America, and with offices in North America it will be offering its services free of charge to the Guyanese population by providing the following:

– Housing / Farm – Food

– Clothing

– Counselling

– Education / Training

– Stylist / Groomer

– Mobile Services / Emergency Rescue Services

Stewardship – We are committed to stewardship of finances and transparent accountability to our donors and supporters. We aim to provide a safe loving home environment for all the admission and to ensure that they are provided with nutritious meals, creative free/playtime, and recreational activities, superior education, and complete health care.

We want to provide health care (Physical and Mental) through onsite medical service to ensure health and safety for everyone and animals. To be known as an organization with an innovative and robust approach towards the uplifting of the needy and neglected women and children. We want to welcome and provide disabled persons with the requisite therapy, training care, a stable home, and a loving environment so they can overcome the social limitations placed on them because of their disability and ensure they achieve their goalsand dreams. Educate the public about women, children’s and animal’s safety, care, disability, and abuse in all forms.

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