Land acquisition status

After the successful acquisition of land from the Guyana Government and all building blueprints are approved we will gather the necessary workforce and will commence operations in the mid phases of 2021 Work will be done in the following stages, this stage is expected to last between 6-12 months after the start date:

• Clearing and cleaning of land will be done to remove unwanted vegetation flatting and leveling off the ground it will be done in a way that will preserve the environment and will cause no harm to the natural habits of animals and surrounding areas

• 1-3 months site review, compliance, and licensing

• Fencing and preparing of the land-based on surveys that will be carried out by the Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission, in this stage the land will be zoned and the necessary permits will be acquired to start other operational procedures.

• 10-50 acres of the land will be developed in the first stages to commence the planting of crops that will later sustain the intended organizations, the development of a reservoir/fish pond will be home to several species of fishes which will be for agricultural developments and a healthy food supply.

• Site development and site preparations permits the preparation for construction and major groundwork will be laid out according to blueprints after which the necessary permits will be obtained, after which the full-scale construction will commence.

• 1-12 months- completion of phase 1 building to house 30-60 patients and set up operations to meet the needs of these patients.

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