Job growth and sustainability

Our organization aim is to better the Guyanese communities and this will be done in several ways these will be listed below:

• Employing commencing our operations VBF aim is to employ approximately 300 Guyanese in several fields these are:

– Engineering

– Architecture

– Accounting and Business Finance – Farming

– Biochemistry

– Education

– Health Care

– Security

– Human Resource Management

– Social Services

– Culinary Profession

– Groomers / Stylist

– Gardener / Landscaping

• Improving the lives of children, women and animals in Guyana with our estab- lishment we will help to reduce the number of abandoned and orphaned children on the streets help homeless women, and animals who are suffering this will better the image of the country when it comes to the tourism industry this will tell our visitors that Guyana as a country can be a haven for it people and major importance will be sustainable development.

• Empower the lives of young people and women by helping them to regain their self-confidence and model them into productive and respectable members of society.

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