Changing Guyana from Worry to Happy

The situation is worrying about animals, children, and women in Guyana who are less fortunate and suffering, according to our observations.


• 50% of animals are abandoned or abused and left to suffer on the streets • 30% of animals die of hunger or killed by accidents

• 75% of animals are abandoned because of disabilities

UNICEF- Guyana Women’s health and life experiences survey 2018/2019 report:


• 55% of ever Partnered women in Guyana has experienced at least some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime

• 50% of victims in Guyana reported that they sought help from anyone

in response to the violence they experience and 25% in hinterland communities reported seeking help, this reflects the lack of institutional facilities.

• 30% of women experience physical and or psychological abuse and stay because they have nowhere else to go


• 29% of babies born in Guyana as of 2019 died before the age of 5

• 25% of the countries in the world have worse infant mortality rates

• 70% of children experience physical punishments and or psychological aggression

by caregivers

• The remaining children will live in a country where 25% of the population is

below the poverty line

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